Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Apparently "Moxxee" is a word that means "slow"

While the definition of "moxie" is "The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage" I could not find a definition of the similarly sounding "Moxxee". But the East End coffee shop that first said "Coming Soon" over a year ago named "Moxxee Coffee" is quickly providing a new adjective for the Charleston lexicon. Here's how to use it in a variety of sentences:

"I64 west is a Moxxee every evening from 5:00 till 6:00. I can't wait for that new bridge to open."

"The library fundraising sure is Moxxeeish. You think they will ever raise the money now that the Clay Foundation is gone?"

"Boy were those checkout lines at the Deleware Avenue Kroger were Moxxeed up last night!"

Charleston sure is Moxxee to get a decent coffee shop.


Moxxee Coffee said...

I am going to assume that these blog posts about Moxxee are much like in grade school when you secretly liked someone and you would tease, pinch and hit them because that is how you decided you should show your affection. Then you would sit around looking into their eyes hoping they would one day open up and let you in. You never could figure out if they liked you too, but were afraid to say it. Well don’t be surprised if Moxxee has a secret crush on you and when you step through the doors you get pinched, hit and teased.


Charles West said...

No, it's more like being really hungry and having your dining partner tell you that they are almost ready to go ... for a year. Sure, at first it might be just annoying, but after a while their constant "almost ready" becomes a hateful thing and you resent them for ever leading you on. Then, at some point your resentment turns into disdain.

That's kind of where I am.

I live a block from this place and I spend copious amounts of money on coffee. I was excited to see the sign go up, but my enthusiasm has faded like the colors of the weather worn "coming soon" sign outside.

Anonymous said...

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