Friday, June 18, 2010

Moxxee Coffee Progress

While I'm not advocating holding anyone's breath due to their previous track record for slowness, there are signs of life to report at Moxxee Coffee: Some concrete and asphalt has been laid outside, a little work on the rear of the building has been done and Pray Construction have been sporadically onsite over the past several weeks. This could mean that the owners are finally serious about opening.

On June 8th their Twitter feed said "Finishing buildout within a month, then we will start training and perfecting cappuccino for you so we can aid that walk."

This tiny building could have been built from scratch four times in the 15 months that the "Coming Soon" sign has been up. If Moxxee's committment to training is anything like their committment to construction, look for the first cappuccino to be served in time for the next presidential election.