Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hallelujah at Night

In October 2009 the Clay Center dedicated a 64 foot tall, 198,000 pound Albert Paley sculpture entitled "Hallelujah". Hallelujah has been a polarizing piece of art in Charleston since its installation last year in the center of the Clay Center's circular driveway. Many people say it looks like rusted wreckage of some kind while some are enthralled by its size and mixed-metallic finishes. Personally I like Hallelujah, although I don't think it goes well with the facade of the Clay Center. I'm sure that the museum architect groans every time he sees his work being dwarfed by the imposing presence of this huge sculpture. It looks like an afterthought - which is exactly what it is.

Hallelujah at night, isolated from the Clay Center building by darkness, takes on a completely different look. Ever since the lights were installed I have been wanting to get some photos of the sculpture against the black nighttime sky. Last evening I finally got the chance.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MOXXEE Coffee Still Not Open

MOXXEE (MOXXEE) on Twitter: "Metal artist is completing bar. We will put finishing touches on and train staff. Then free soft open for twitter followers." That was their last post on July 12.
They have put a lot of money into this little building and while I can't say I like their exterior design choices, they seem to know what they want. These folks must have a huge bankroll to be able to let an investment sit this long with no return.

Their facebook page previously indicated a soft opening in August. It's late August and no sign of life.

Come on guys, you can't keep treating us like this. Tell us the straight scoop.