Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallelujah Attacks!

Stanton asked me to post his shameless advertisement here so he can get back to to hot dog blogging:

"The most controversial piece of public art in Charleston comes to life and takes its revenge on naysayers!" Buy your print at Zazzle!

MOXXEE Coffee Update

While there have been signs of life at Moxxee Coffee lately, a peek in the window reveals that while it is no longer an empty shell it is certainly nowhere close to opening.
The last post on Facebook was in September: "Unfortunately, we hit a snag on the interior design, something we are using took a little longer than anticipated, and we cant move forward until it is in place. Sorry for the delays, but we are still trying to put on the finishing touches."
Seriously, Moxxee folks; It's almost November - the next November after you promised to be "open soon." Perhaps a realistic update? Leave a comment here or post to your Facebook page.
Just give us a sign.