Thursday, July 14, 2011

MOXXEE Coffee is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, that made me feel better. It's just that I have to pass by this place every day and wonder when in the hell - if ever - it is going to open?!!?!??!

Let's review:

Early 2009 - Building permit taken out to renovate this very small building. Reasonable length of time for this kind of renovation would be a month or two.

March 2009 - MOXXEE begins posting on Twitter and Facebook about this great new coffee place that will be opening "soon". Sign goes up outside that says "Coming Soon."

April 2009 - Twitter posting about building progress and parking communicates an impending opening. I can't wait!

June 2009 - Posts about the exciting technology that MOXXEE will have keeps my enthusiasm high, but I'm starting to be concerned about the progress I see on the building.

July 2009 - Silence.

August 2009 - Excitement returns. Posts about how committed MOXXEE is to having a great product staves off frustration of waiting for it to open.

September 2009 - First post that gives us a hint of what is to come: "We have a very mobile opening date, we are trying not to rush, we want it to be just right, so it keeps getting pushed back." But another post gives us hope: "hopefully opening first of the year "

November 2009 - Yadda, yadda, yadda. More posts about quality coffee and veiled comments about exterior building treatments.

February 2010 - Post about bar being built by a metal artist. Really? Set up some plywood on sawhorses and open your damn doors, MOXXEE!

June 2010 - The people behind MOXXEE come out of hiding to set up shop at Taste of All. Say buildout will be complete in a month and they will begin to hire and train staff! Whoo hoo!

July 2010 - Another post about hiring staff soon.

August 2010 - Silence.

September 2010 - Silence

October 2010 - Silence

November 2010 - Posts about bar, more coffee beans purchased and fancy cups from Italy. Big F'n Deal. I am so very tired of getting jerked around by these morons.

December 2010 -April 2010 - Silence. People seem to be working inside but no apparent progress.

May 2011 - Post about hiring staff. Heard this before. Not excited.

June 2011 - More hyperbole about the quality of MOXXEE's equipment and coffee. I no longer care.

July 2011 - I would post a picture of MOXXEE taken today, but it would look identical to the one posted over a year ago. Why bother?

Screw you, MOXXEE Coffee. You have disrespected your potential customers and you will be fortunate if ANYONE ever comes into your place if indeed it ever opens.