Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kanawha County School Board Reinstates Pratt Principal

David Anderson, the principal at Pratt Elementary who was arrested for cocaine possession last year was cleared to return to work at tonight's school board meeting. He was found not guilty of the charges last week by a Kanawha County jury.

The vote tonight was split. Becky Jordan said this was a case of bad judgement and that everybody makes mistakes.

Anderson allegedly was asked to hold on to a package by a friend when they were confronted by the police at 3:00 AM in downtown Charleston - several counts of bad judgement in my view. Pratt teacher Kristina Elson was also with Anderson when he was arrested.

Oh yeah, I want my kid to go to their school. If I had a kid at Pratt Elementary I would exercise good judgement and take him elsewhere before the faculty and administration made another mistake.

Bill Ragland was livid after tonight's meeting. He said , quite correctly I believe, that if this had been a a 16 year-old black male that he "would be eating his lunch at Mount Olive."

We should count our blessings. It wouldn't matter if Suddenlink Cable went off the air and all of the movie theaters closed down; As long as we have the Kanawha County School Board on duty we will always be entertained.

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