Friday, March 16, 2007

$700K Going once...$700K going twice... SOLD for $650,000!?

A couple of weeks ago a group of investors led by former Puntam County Senator Oshel Craigo made the high bid for Sandy Brae Golf Course at an auction held by the Kanawha County Commission. That bid, though less than the stated minimum acceptable bid, was for $700,000. Lots of public comment followed the auction, most notably from the lips of Commissioner Kent Carper, since the expected sale price was in excess of $1 Million. After a lot of discussion and grandstanding for the media, a second auction was scheduled. This time the high bid was $650,000.

Now it is up to the County Commission to decide whether to accept the bid or to have another auction. Who knows? They might get $600,000 this time.

I think they should keep on auctioning the thing until it gets down into my price range. I have a hundred bucks or so to spend and I've always wanted to own my own golf course.

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