Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our long nightmare is not over...

Remember last week when the prevailing sentiment about the table games vote was "I can't wait until Saturday so this thing will be over with!"? Well, it's Tuesday and it's not over with.

Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper, as is his manner and custom, has put himself in the middle of this controversy by:
  • Demanding the County Commission vote on a resolution supporting table games, and then;
  • Joining Danny Jones in beating the drum to pass the table games resolution, and then;
  • Prematurely announcing that all ballots had been counted, and that the measure had passed by 60 votes, and then;
  • Announcing that the final numbers meant that the measure had passed by 33 votes and proclaiming it a "great day for Kanawha County", and then;
  • Saying that he felt the 64 ballots found on Monday should not be counted.
While he later relented and said the ballots should be counted, it was his shoot-from-the-hip original answer that reveals his true thoughts on the matter.

Could it be that his allegiance is swayed by the money that Tri State Casino donated to his election campaign?

I don't seriously think Commissioner Carper is corrupt, but he would be the first to exclaim, "Avoid the appearance of impropriety!"

He should practice what he preaches.


olfrt said...

You obviously got some learning at GW and make some very astute observations. First trip to your blog, I like it very much and will pass it along to my many friends that thrive on opinions similar to yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Andy at Andy and Company for introducing me to your blog!
This is a great blog. Will be checking it regularly. Keep those strong opinions coming!