Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coach Rod Adds to Our Fatalistic Self-View

It's legendary. No, not the football program at the University of Michigan, I'm speaking of what might be the single most important dynamic of our shared Appalachian psyche: Our fatalism. And this fatalism is best seen in world of sports fanaticism. Ask any WVU Mountaineer Football fan tomorrow after the news spreads about the defection of our beloved native son, Rich Rodriguez, to greener football pastures. They will be answering in platitudes and cliche`s that are chock full of fatalism.

Rather than expound on it here, let me point you all in the direction of a great post on the subject over at The Jacknut Chronicles.

So long, Coach Rod: We knew you'd be leaving eventually. Nothing good ever lasts for us.


The Film Geek said...

The Vent Line will be overflowing!

Many thanks for the nod, Charles.

Skip Lineberg said...

Right on the mark, Charles. I've posted my perspective on this topic (fatalism, not Coach Rod) on Jason Keelling's excellent blog.

In my words it is our infatuation with misery. Will we ever overcome it?

Best regards,