Monday, April 14, 2008

WSAZ TV Weekend News

It really frosts me when I try to watch channel 3 news on the weekends. During the week they have a nifty split newscast with a 10 minute Charleston only news segment (hosted by Penny Moss at 6 and the lovely Jessica Ralston at 11) that focuses on what's important to us here in the Capital City. But on weekends and holidays they scrap the Charleston cast and show only the Huntingtonized version, which has a ratio of about 4 Kentucky stories and 3 Ohio stories to 2 Huntington stories to maybe one Charleston story. I can always find out whose dog got run over by the volunteer fire department's truck in Paintsville, but I can't get a follow-up on the murder investigation on the West Side.

And it pisses me off!

This is the Capital City, darn it, and we deserve a newscast that tells us what's going on, don't we? OK, we have WCHS and WVAH (ABC and Fox) who seldom venture beyond the city limits for a story, but their weekend anchor team makes those Sunday afternoon Public Broadcasting college news shows look like network pros by comparison: They giggle like middle school kids through most of the newscast and act like it's the first time they ever read from a teleprompter every weekend. It is unwatchable.

Channel 3 usually has a more seasoned person in the anchor chair at least. It would just be nice if they weren't setting up some cub reporter's story about farmer Brown's cow getting stuck in the mud in Grayson.


The Film Geek said...

Frankly, I'd prefer more stories about cows stuck in mud to those about murders and drug crimes on whatever side of Charleston that occurs.

I wish the former would be a bigger story than the latter.

And you know as well as I that there is very little "follow-up" on local news, other than re-hashing and re-editing the original story after it's been broadcast.

MountainLaurel said...

That's why I watch WCHS. Maybe not the greatest, but it certainly has much better Charleston coverage. SAZ might be good for when I move to Huntington, and that's probably what I'll watch then.

Chris James said...

It looks like the "Bray Cary Saves WV for Capitalism" business model at WOWK has crapped out and now they are doing "hometown" (ie boring and pandering) stories, so it looks like they will be covering Chas. less now, too.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Chill out Chuck.
Who cares about WV TV news? That is why I told my satellite provider to quit charging me $5 for local stations. There is absolutely nothing worth watching on the big three.
question: What were the call letters of WOWK before they were WOWK?

Charles said...

Wasn't it WHTN? I recall they made a big deal out of WOWK (which stands for Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky) to show they cared more about the whole region.

LOL WUT said...

May I ask why you didn't even mention WOWK in your original post? Their current editorial philosophy is strongly slanted towards Kanawha Valley coverage across the board.

WVdude said...

If you live in Charleston, why in the world are you watching Channel 3 anyway? There news has sucked for the last 5 years they don't cover Charleston even with their "split" as you call it. If your only watching to see if Jessica is wearing a tight sweater, then fine, but as far as actual news goes in Charleston, WCHS is way better. Its not as good on weekends, true, but still MUCH better than the crap your gonna get on 3 or 13.

wvradiostar said...

I don't think the WSAZ news is that bad in Charleston. I don't want to out myself as a perv, but I watch just because Jessica makes me want to watch no matter what she's talking about.
Channel 8 does a good job of covering Charleston news but a very bad job of reporting it. Their reporters are a bunch of kids who don't seem to know what they're doing. That Christine Haberele or whatever sucks as Deborah's fill-in anchor. Bring back Deborah please. And the blonde anchor on the weekends is just plain bad.
As for Channel 13, I don't know anyone who watches them ever.
However they do have than 1 hot blonde with the long hair.

aLittleCommonSense said...

Welcome to small market television. It sucks. The end.

3 has fallen out of my favor with their recent decided left slant and their increasing percentage of effeminate talent.

Despite that Charleston is clearly outside their market (except at 6pm), they do have the most professional-looking news show in the market. Except at 6pm, forget their weather forecast unless you live somewhere west of Barboursville.

So, we're watching 8 lately since we're in Charleston. Talent is pretty weak, but that's always been the case with them.

13? They still do a news show? I forgot about them.

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