Monday, May 26, 2008

Pfaff & Smith

As long as I can remember the east end of Spring Street has been dominated by Pfaff & Smith builders supply, but last week the familiar yellow and black painted sign that adorned the side of the building along Spring Street was painted over as the new owner, Arrow Concrete, came in and began the process of re-naming the business. I understand that many long-tenured employees were let go and several others quit in solidarity.

Here's a shot of the last remaining Pfaff & Smith sign. I'm sure it'll be painted over soon.

It's a sad when old businesses like this get bought out by larger competitors and we lose a piece of our local history in the process. Pfaff & Smith has supplied concrete for every major building project since in Charleston since the state capitol was built.

Alas, free enterprise vs. culture and history: Culture and history is no match.


Wv Sky said...

As a kid growing up, Pfaff & Smith was my playground. The huge 3 story sand piles were where many a "king of the mountain" took place on Sundays when they were closed. They were a relatively quiet company. No flashy commercials, or publicity. You wouldn't have even known they were in business had it not been for the names on their trucks all over the area.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That is sad. I've hauled many a load of material out of that lot.
Too bad that a company has to be so unpersonal as to paint over a landmark.