Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gone...All Gone...

Easy come, easy go.

Blogspot giveth and Blogspot taketh away.

{insert other platitude here}

Every post and comment has been erased from this blog by a force beyond my understanding. Not that there was ever anything that would make the Pulitzer folks take notice, but dang, that was a lot of typing just to be gone with the proverbial wind. Having received no help from the support folks (if they really exist) on a possible recovery of all the lost posts, I am resigned to simply starting fresh as of today.

You know, the whole blogspot thing is pretty cool for a free service. It's hard to complain when it goes wrong.

For posterity: This blog began during the 2004 election when I found no online outlet for my anguished soul to vent about the state of local Charleston politics and matters that affect us Charlestonians. I had hoped it would become a fair-and-balanced (and not in the Fox News sense of the phrase) discussion board. Instead it became a quiet non-political place with four or five regular readers and posters. Since then several local bloggers have found their own niche and I don't intend to duplicate their efforts.

Here are some of the locals (in no particular order) and my view of their niche:

Don Surber - The local right-leaning mainstream media staffer.
William Stewart - The local (albeit Putnam Countian) politico neo-con.
Bob Coffield - WV law and health care issues.
4HAKS - Friendly neighborhood computer game and digital photo geek.
Spike Nesmith - Various and sundry musings of our local Scottish DJ.

There are others, but frankly I'm in no mood to write a ton of stuff and then let the Blog Gods delete it again. They'll have to earn my trust again.


oncee said...

I've added you to my blogroll. Sorry to hear everything got deleted. There has been no offical reason given by Blogger, but they have deleted a number of blogs over the last few months. Some thing it is inactivity or perhaps Blogger's fight against spam blogs. Both of my blogs were marked as spam by Blogger, and I had to request a review to get them out of the blog spam jail.

The only notification anyone got was word verification on posts. No way to run a blogging service at all.

Stacey said...

Yep, pretty much hit me nail on head. I'll link ya in a few.. Finishing some video conversion right now.

William Stewart said...

Wow Stanton! Sorry about your loss. If you are interested in running your own blog, there's always or you can host the WordPress script yourself. It's not that hard. I'll be happy to walk you through it and will hold your hand the whole way...figuratively, of course.

Rick Lee said...

Oncee... I've been kinda worried about the fact that we're trusting Blogger (Google) with this product we've spent so much time creating. Is there any known way to back up a Blogger blog? I have all the photos on my hard drive, but not the text and comments, etc., etc.