Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Things That Make Charleston a Better Place

In no particular order, and in no way an exhaustive list:

Ellen's Ice Cream
Taylor Books
Rick Lee's Photoblog
The Boulevard
Dan Kehde, Mark Scarpelli and the Contemporary Youth Arts Company
The 200 block of Capitol Street
First Watch
Capitol Roaster's Cafe


oncee said...

I work on the 200 block of Capitol Street and live not too far from First Watch. I agree with your list.

Rick Lee said...

Thanks dude... I like all of those places too. I like Delish an awful lot.

Stacey said...

Left out "The Blossom"... The crowds are a little tough sometimes at lunch, but the food is great!

Rick, Delish is great as well!

Stanton said...

Yes, Delish was a huge oversight on my part. Definitely a treasure.

Can't say Blossom makes my cut. Great restaurant, yes, but lacking the "simple pleasure" kind of intangible I was thinking of.

Now back in the days of my youth when it was a "dairy" first and foremost it would have made my list. A Saturday visit to downtown always included a shake at the Blossom. (That gives me an idea for my next post!)