Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Charleston's Riverfront Plan

In yesterday's Gazette Jim Balow wrote that the riverfront plan has been completed and submitted to city council members. This morning I get get an email from the Charleston Riverfront folks that seems to have lots of things written between the lines. An excerpt of that email follows:
It appears that the City of Charleston now has a Riverfront Master plan that was announced this morning in the Gazette newspaper by James Balow in the Today section.

Little information was given to Mr. Balow other than a notification that the Master Plan was available but only available to those who want to pay 20.00 for a copy of

All I can really inform you of is that plan “A” was chosen and that the cost of the 4-mile stretch of upgrades will be approximately 27.1 million dollars.

I have not received any kind of notification as to any details about a public meeting to unveil the choice that our City Counsel and Mayor have made on our behalf.


Stacey said...

So thats really what the user fee is for....... Condo for the mayor on the riverfront. :-)

WV.Hillbilly said...

In the meantime, Charleston has a 250 million dollar sewer renovation that must be done to separate the storm and sanitary sewers.
But, I guess shutting down half of a main artery through town so that a handful of people can jog next to the river is more important.
Now if they can just stop the raw sewage from getting near the senic overlooks the next time we have a hard rain, it will really attract tourists.
Danny fiddles...

Stanton said...

Yep, I agree. $27.1 million would make a nice downpayment on the sewer renovation. Funny thing is that some of the overlooks are designed to be built on top of the sewer overflow pump stations! This means the sewer project has to be in place before the riverfront project can go forward. Maybe a $10 per week user fee will help.

Anonymous said...

Can't anyone seem to envision how nice a utilized riverfront would be...doesnt anyone go out of town to see what other cities have done with thier waterways? We do not do anything with ours and it should be used as an asset. At least the $2.7 million for Haddad park from our Senator Byrd will be an excellent start! Blame the sewage problems on the federal government, it is happening everywhere.

Charles said...

Well, anon, I for one disagree with the premise that this plan will somehow be more of a draw to "our waterway". In this day and age people are more likely to take a drive down by the river than a walk or a jog.

And yes, I have seen some waterfront developments in other cities. Some are very nice but many go unused by the citizenry or visitors. I think our boulevard is one of the nicest features of our city.

It ain't broke, don't fix it.