Tuesday, February 07, 2006

President Manchin?

At 6:00 today a local TV news story dared to raise the proposition of our own Governor Joe Manchin as a candidate for Vice-President or even President. This is not the first time I have heard such musings.

In the height of the Sago mine drama my co-worker walked into my office and told me to note the time and date because he was going to be the first to predict "Manchin for President 2008." I scoffed. Not that I don't think he could have what it takes, but that he's from West Virginia, for crying out loud. That would be like a governor from Georgia or Arkansas getting elected to the White House. How crazy would that be?


Anonymous said...

Gag a f'in maggot. Joe Manchin is quite possibly the stupidest politician ever to grace the hallowed halls of the state capitol building. Okay, maybe Jay Rockefeller takes first place, by a whisker.

Anonymous said...

What party is going to run him? There's no way the Democrats will nominate a Pro-lifer for such a high office.

Anonymous said...

I think Manchin has done a great job as Governor. I am Pro-Choice and from California, but I would vote for Manchin if he would oppose the Iraq War and pledge not to impose his views on abortion through legislation or court appointments. If he would agree to do that I think he has what it takes to steal the nomination from Hillary.