Monday, January 08, 2007

Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and the locals

I have heard so many people say recently that their favorite pizza has changed from Pizza Hut to Papa Johns. It's nearly an epidemic. I. too, have recently switched but not because Papa Johns has gotten better; I have decided that I no longer even care for Pizza Hut pizza. It was my favorite for decades. Something has changed. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just not the same.

Having said that, I still have a thing for locally owned pizza joints. I truly prefer them over any chain. The best thing about a chain is that it is consistent from location to location. A locally owned place is subject to many more variables and is therefore somewhat unpredictable. But, then again, maybe that unpredicatbility is what I like. Who knows.

Anyway, my favorite local place was always Lorobi's in St. Albans. I haven't been there in years so I can't vouch for it today. Lately I've found good pizza at the Giovanni's on Spring Street. They have a Mediterean topping pizza that is to die for. Giovanni's is a chain, but a local one.

The Anchor has great pizza, but the restaurant is definitely not in compliance with the Kanawha County smoking ordinance and I can't stand to eat in the place. When someone gets it to go, though, count me in for a few slices.


Anonymous said...

Every time that I hit Graziano's buffet, it costs me 5 bucks and my self respect.

Anonymous said...

We still eat Lorobi's pizza and they are still yum!!

Rudy Panucci said...

I actually turned on Pizza Hut about 12 years ago, when they reformulated their sauce, and it started tasting like processed lard. They went from being my one of favorite pizzas to making inedible grease bombs.

However, I've never fallen under the spell of Papa Johns. It's always left me cold. Mama Rosa's on the other hand, while very close to Papa Johns, I like. Can't explain why.

My favorite still remains Graziano's on Capitol street. Love their spinach pizza. The mall location is so unfriendly, though. On the rare occasion I eat there, I usually grab Sbarro's. Greasy, but it is pizza.

Giovanni's is a close second to Graziano's. Best olives of any pizza place in town.

Dominos thin and crispy is a guilty pleasure, when they don't cut it into little freakin' idiot squares.

Cici's is good if you haven't eaten for three days.

Husson's is pizza for people who love the taste of cardboard.

Little Ceasar's is five bucks.

Gino's is the most powerful laxative on the market.

Haven't eaten at Lorobi's for over a decade, so I can't really comment on them, other than to point out that I felt no compelling reason to go back.

Remember bad pizza is still pizza, and that's pretty good.

Can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet?

Later, Rudy

Anonymous said...

Lorobi's is still as great as it was 25 years ago. I live 40 minutes away from St.Albans, but I will still drive the distance to have the delicious Lorobi pizza!