Friday, January 12, 2007

Toasted, Schmoasted - Bellacino's

I was hungry but in a hurry today at lunchtime. While I was driving up Capitol Street I caught sight of the newest eatery, Bellacino's, and when I looked inside I saw that it didn't look too awfully busy so I thought I'd take a chance. I parked at a nearby15 minute meter and filled it to the brim with two dimes and a nickel. I knew it was a gamble, but like I said it didn't look busy.

I walked right in and straight up to the register where you place your order. I thought I'd better order something straight off the regular menu with no substitutions that would take more time. I opted for a Mountaineer Grinder which has roast beef, turkey and ham. This would be called a club at Subway and it would be toasted. "Toasted Schmoasted" says the Bellacino's employee's tshirts, "We're oven baked!" That, apparently, is what a Grinder is: A baked sub. The bread is crustier and it's a little bigger, but it's a baked sub.

The sandwich was pretty good, but not worth the price I paid. You see, after I paid my $6 for the nine inch sandwich I was told it would take 15-20 minutes. "15 to 20 minutes?" I asked? For a sub? "A Grinder," the register person corrected me. "A Grinder is prepared to order by hand. Quality takes time."

"So a sub isn't prepared by hand?" I thought, but I didn't want to delay my order by arguing.

22 minutes later I got my sub, er Grinder, and headed back to my car. And with perfect timing I turned the corner just in time to see the parking enforcement jeep pulling away from my car, leaving behind a nice little flourescent green greeting card. $10.

So my sandwich cost me $16.24. Grinder Schminder. Next time I get a toasted club where parking is free.

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