Monday, October 01, 2007

I Don't Mean to Harp on Andy, but....

OK, I listen for maybe 10 minutes a day every day. This happens on my morning commute. Some days when I have other places to be or have to run out for an errand I'll listen a bit longer. Once in a while - a very rare while unfortunately - some caller or guest will be talking about something interesting when I get out of my car and I'll turn on the radio when I get in the office. So having properly qualified myself as a minimal listener, I will now begin my rant:

Andy, you are not Rush Limbaugh. You can't carry the show with a long-winded tirade about how evil Democrats and Liberals are. No one listening to local talk radio wants to hear you do 10 - 15 minutes every morning on Hillary or John Edwards. PLEASE! GET ON TO SOMETHING INTERESTING! To US!

Here's an idea: Talk about a local issue without trying to reduce it to partisan politics. Maybe Dave Hardy has a good idea or has done something good, even though he is a Democrat. Maybe there are things that happen every day that are really worthy of discussion even though by discussing them it might make a liberal sound like a human being. Just maybe there are things that happen in our community that have absolutely no partisan meaning. Open the newspaper, for Pete's sake!

I know you are challenged when it comes to speaking to our local audience because you are not from around here, but maybe you can get someone (other than Kent Carper) that is local to call in and talk about something, anything of interest!

Why do I listen if I don't like it? Because I like talk radio, God forgive me, and Andy is the closest thing to local talk we have left.

I'm begging. Really.


kookaburra said...

maybe he could talk about the KCS school board - with a couple of seats coming up for election here in a few months, he could drum up some interesting conversations early on.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Kanawha County School board approve the superintendent being allowed to spend sources say 2 million for cosmetic work to select schools in the valley(some of them are new buildings) to impress visiting administrators on 10/09 from around the country when they say there is no monies for text books? Some schools have to have bake sells in order to buy books. This is disgraceful Pete Thaw!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Charleston needs talk radio but sadly, Andy isn't the answer. He actually suck at it. Bring back Jerry Waters and his crew. At least the diversity of the "Jerry Waters Show" kept things lively!