Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yes, Virginia, Dual Loyalties Do Exist

I became embroiled in a contraversy today over at The Film Geek's blog. One of his regular commenters really took exception to a remark I made about - let me be careful here - the way WVU fans view Marshall fans as - I'm just reporting here so spare me the flames - obnoxious. The average Marshall fan is very, Very, VERY sensitive about criticism from people who are partial to the large university upstate and they often become very, Very, VERY ebullient, much to the glee of the needlers. So when I tried to explain this I was attacked by Off Route 75 and falsley accused as being a guy "from the University of Southern Pittsburgh at Morgantown (USPAM)" , having a "holier than thou" attitude and even accused of being Mitch Vingle!

When I tried to defend myself and explain I have no connection to WVU, OR75 just started coughing and scoffing. But the kicker came when I said that I root for both Marshall and WVU . OR75 told me that I was lying because that there was no one in West Virginia that actually roots for both teams. I know better.

Since OR75's profile indicates he's from Kenova, I know that his view is defintely obscured by his location. If you were to look at the state of West Virginia county by county, you would find that most counties would have a dominant loyalty to one of schools, but some would be very much balanced in their allegience. I'm not saying that there aren't pockets of feircely loyal zealots in every county, there absolutely are, but every county has a dominant loyalty. Here's the way I'd break it down. Counties for Marshall in green, WVU in blue and pink counties are those I feel are pretty much divided down the middle - and in those counties especially reside a lot of folks who truly do pull for both teams:Now I know that I'm going to get blasted for the overwhelming amount of blue counties, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em. Marshall folks should be proud because Kanawha County only recently (maybe in the last 10-15 years) went into the pink column. In fact, if you'd cut Kanawha along an east/west line the wesern half would probably go green. Marshall has a much wider fan base around the state than ever before. If they continue to be successful that will only grow larger.

I'm looking forward to the game. I will root for whoever has the ball and be satisified with the outcome unless it's a tie. No, really OR75, I will. I swear.
I mean it.
No Joke.
Take it to the bank.

No, really.


The Film Geek said...

Really good read, Charles. You know, I'd be interested to know the ratings of Marshall's state-wide radio system, region by region.

And thanks for the link, and the nod.

Jackie Lantern said...

Hey Charles-
I hope you learned something here. Anytime you make a comment about Marshall fans being obnoxious and sensitive to criticism you'll get blasted by an obnoxious Marshall fan who is sensitive to criticism.....

Stanton said...

Charles, please use your own account when you post! Someone might think I'm a Marshall fan. Yecch.

Charles said...

Oops, sorry Stanton. Here's a disclaimer:

This post was the work of Charles West and is not the opinion of Stanton, the original owner of this blog, who is a well-known for his bias against anything Huntington.

Is that better?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough the map comes very close to predicting what the final will be: WVU 44, Marshall 3.

Sounds about right.

Dick said...

Go Blundering Terd!!!

Dick said...

Everyone sing along "We are the bums of Marshall"

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why, when the green folks chant "We Are Marshall!" that the opposing crowd doesn't chant "DUH!".

I mean, how hard did they have to search to find a chant dumber than "Let's Go Mountaineers"?