Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Local TV News Reporters

As Oncee reports, the Daily Mail has the story about Jessica Ralston being named "looker of the week" by She is obviously worthy of the title but I find her to be a very competent reporter as well. She's one of my favorites.

But I've noticed a difference between local TV newswomen and those who have made it on the national networks: Local reporters seem to think they have to force themselves to look grim most of the time. They suck in their cheeks, tighten their lips and just generally look as if they are in pain when they are on camera. Most come across like they have some physical impairment that makes them act this way. Anchors are usually a little more relaxed, and speaking of Jessica Ralston, when she is in the anchor chair she is like a different person. She has a dynamite smile that she almost never shows when she's in her reporter mode, but it comes out when she reads the headlines.

There are exceptions to the anchor corollary, one being Brooke Baldwin who anchors the morning show on WOWK. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman but she seems so tense when she speaks on camera that it changes her looks completely. Every time I watch her I just want to tell her to relax and be herself (of course, she might be that tense all the time, I don't know).

Women who report for national TV networks are much more relaxed and loose. Even when reporting on grim stories or dealing with hugely important stories they are much easier to watch. I'm not sure if it's cause or effect. Perhaps it's that less experienced people are more likely to work locally and the stiffness wears off with experience. Whatever it is, my advice to any woman newscaster that might read these words is "lighten up!"

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The Film Geek said...

Your comments about how the local anchors change facial and voice qualities is really true...just watch Rob Johnson on WSAZ when he announces a death or tragdy. His voice lowers and a a hint of sadness comes through his voice.