Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh good, new people to complain to!

Thanks to my old friend Stanton I am now a real live blogger! I feel like I've pledged a fraternity. No hazing, please.

I love Charleston. It has been my home all my life. I love the size, the shape, the tastes, the sounds; just about everything (except for that smell that seems to accompany the hottest days of the summer). I also enjoy the cast of characters and the props that are part of the theater of reality that plays daily around town. It is my bemusement with some of these little quirky dramas that I'd like to write about here.

I have a list of ten or so topics I'd like to start with, but I know I like blogs that have pictures and I don't have any interesting pictures to go with my topics, so I will wait until I have some before I get started. Until then, see you around town. - Charles

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Anathema Device said...

Huzzah! Now, get busy! Write something! No, pressure, really. :)

Welcome to bloggerhood. I love Charleston, too. I moved from Charleston to Spencer a few years ago and still commute to Charleston. I love my home in Spencer, but I would miss Charleston terribly if I took a job closer to home, so I drive. Let's hope the gas prices don't go up any more.