Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OK, Now What?

Just when I'm ready to post an interesting picture this confounded thing won't let me! What is up with Blogger?

Oh well, I would like to draw your attention to the streets of Charleston. In fact, I want you to look down. At the pavement. All over downtown and Kanawha City you can see the painted direction signs, arrows and mileage markers for various and sundry running races. The Charleston Distance Run's course is well known and you can see its markings pretty much all year round, but a slew of other 5K's races and other walk-a-thons have sprung up around every festival and chili cook off on the calendar. So the asphalt around town is covered with these signs and arrows.

I would think it would get confusing for runners. It would be perfectly understandable if some poor sap takes a wrong turn or two during an upcoming 5K and ends up running a half marathon or more through the streets of our fair city.

What we need is a really big eraser.

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