Monday, July 17, 2006

Quirky Weatherman Tony Cavalier

While not a Charleston figure, per se, he does invade our living rooms on a regular basis. Tony Cavalier seems like a nice person, and I'm sure he is very knowledgeable about weather forecasting, but sometimes he just tries to do too much. The result is often hilarious.

Since WSAZ TV-3 began their split Huntington-Charleston weathercast several years ago, Tony has tried his best to make it sound like he is Mr. Charleston by saying things like "The temperature over at Celebration Station will be about 68 degrees by eleven-o'clock." It might be but I, for one, am not going to be walking around at Celebration Station at eleven PM. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Another oft-repeated Tonyism is "The brown baggers over at Slack Plaza will enjoy the lunchtime sunshine." While this is probably true, Charlestonians know that most of the people with brown bags at Slack Plaza are usually enjoying pretty much everything about life by noon, if you get my drift.

Tony has his own blog, although it is mostly a collection of weather articles. I would prefer reading his personal observations on the world. That would be much more entertaining.

Just as a final observation about Tony: The photo above is the actual official publicity shot from WSAZ's website. I didn't modify it; it is really that out of focus. Fitting, I think.

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