Thursday, January 10, 2008

Charleston at Night

Thanks to WV Sky, who took me up on my offer to post photos of Charleston to compensate for the demise of the "Downtown WV" blog. Here is a great nighttime shot of the United Bank building. This building is illuminated by a mechanized lighting system that is hidden during the day and then swings over the edge of the building at dusk. If you are ever downtown just as the sun goes down you should take the time to watch the lights as they begin to move into position: It's a little ghostly.


Anonymous said...

point being ?

Charles said...

Point? I don't need no stinking point!

Wv Sky said...

Ummm.. no real need for a link, as it will definitely jade some against the photos. (I normally like to keep my politics and photos separate).

That photo was interesting to me only on this respect: It was the first nighttime shot I took while HAND HOLDING the little Fuji F-30... the only pocket camera that I'm aware of that could manage that. (3200 ISO)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Nice pict.
Unfortunately, one of the reasons why our night sky is polluted with the glare of cities. . . everything has to be lit up.
How much energy could be saved if lighting were only functional? The real abusrdity is the lighting on the Southside Bridge. Some bunch of misguided South Hills housewives with nothing but a lame idea and money decided that Charleston should have all it's bridges lit up so that Charleston "looks like London at night." Folks, I've been to London and walked on their bridges. Charleston will never 'look like London' in any way shape or form.

Anonymous said...

Point? I don't need no stinking point! <<<<<<<,, me thinks someone needs anger management

Ray said...

The good thing about this vs. the "Downtown WV" pics is that this one is in focus.
That guy really needed a delete button on his camera.

Dave said...

Wonderful pic! I've always loved that building at night.

Also, sagacioushillbilly, the beauty of the United building is the DIRECTIONAL lighting. It all points downward from top onto the ground rather than out into the sky. The building, as bright as it is up close, doesnt pollute the sky. Also, the Southside bridge. What's wrong with street lamps? Why shouldn't Charleston look 'nice' at night? I wish people would get over themselves and quit being so negative about Charleston.