Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Downtown Illumination

Since you mentioned it, SagaciousHillbilly, here is a shot of the all lit up South Side Bridge. I remember the night in March of 2000 when the first threw the switch on the lights. It was supposed to big deal, but it wasn't so much. Still isn't, at least by itself but I think it compliments the other city lights nicely - if you like that kind of thing.

Thanks to WV Sky for this nice shot. Remember folks, feel free to send me your Charleston pics (charlestonianblog at and I'll post them here.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Charles, Do you know what the yearly electric bill is for the SS BRidge lights? I seem to recall it being in the 100s of thousands.

Yea, it looks nice, but like a friend of mine once commented. . . "you can put stockings and high heals on a turd and it'll look good."

Anonymous said...

yearly electric bill VERY easy to ascertain. call the City of
Charleston Traffic ENGINEERING department ...... 348-8106.
its all public information

Dave said...

I vaguely recall an article about a couple donating the money for LED (energy efficient) lighting for the Lee St Bridge. If I also recall correctly, there was some talk converting the lamps on the SS bridge to LED as well. Any more word on that?